Product Information

This equipment must be installed by FAA licensed personnel in accordance with all applicable Federal Aviation regulations. FAA form 337 and STC documentation set included with the kit(s) must be filed with the FAA. An aircraft logbook entry must be recorded per 14 CFR Part 91, sections 91.405 & 91.417. See Trio Avionics & The STC Group websites for privacy, repair, and return policies. These are deposits on a final price of $7,000 for the listed equipment and associated paperwork, plus sales tax for California and Michigan residents. Deposits will be fully refundable in the event the FAA fails to issue the STC on the Trio ProPilot before October 31, 2017.

Canadian / EASA statement

The FAA has bilateral agreements in place with other countries. The STC Group LLC is working with the FAA for formal Transport Canada and EASA approvals.

Canadian approvals are being requested under the FRAA-TC Bilateral Agreement.

Please check our website frequently for updates.

Product Warranty

Trio Avionics warrants it products for a three-year period from the date of first flight of the product. This warranty specifically excludes equipment that has been subject to modification, misuse in its intended application or physical or environmental abuse.

Product Repairs

Before returning any Trio Avionics product we recommend Trio Avionics be contacted to discuss the reason for the return. It is often the case that a simple configuration setting or a clarification of the equipment operation can resolve the problem. In the event the product must be returned, please include a concise description of the problem along with your contact information including your phone number and email address. Please confirm the Trio Avionics shipping address during your phone contact.

Items that are in need of immediate repair and quick turnaround should be marked “HOT” in bold lettering in several places on the package exterior. Trio Avionics will make every effort to expedite repair on items so marked.

Currently, Trio Avionics charges a flat rate repair fee of $150 plus shipping. Items that have been subjected to modification, misuse in its intended application or physical or environmental abuse will be evaluated and the customer advised of the estimated repair cost prior to completion of the repair. Repaired items returned within the warranty period that exclude such misuse shall be at no charge with the exception of shipping.


Domestic returns to Continental US addresses will be at a flat rate shipping charge of $20. International shipments will be sent using the carrier designated by the customer, but limited to the US Postal service, UPS, FEDEX or DHL. It is recommended that efforts to ship to a US destination for eventual international arrival be a priority rather than direct shipment to an international destination, if at all possible. All international shipments will be shipped in accordance with all applicable customs requirements and laws. Irrespective of warranty status, all shipping charges, brokerage fees, taxes or other charges related to the shipment are the responsibility of the customer.

Upgrade Policy

Fielded equipment is designed to be upgraded with new features and capabilities as these become available. Pricing on upgraded systems will be determined and applied as the upgrades become available.